Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Orchard

Saw a sign, 'Serving Scones Now.' I have a soft spot for scones (well, many soft spots as it turns out!) and immediately pedaled in. Got a perfect English scone and cup of coffee and took it outside to the orchard. They claim that more famous people have had tea here than anywhere else. The poet, Rupert Brooke, lived here in 1909.

Just now the lilac is in bloom, all before my little room: and in my flower-beds, I think, smile the carnations and the pink; and down the borders, well I know, the poppy and the pansy blow.....Oh! There the chestnuts, summer through, beside the river make for you a tunnel of green gloom, and sleep deeply above; and green and deep the stream mysterious glides beneath, green as a dream and deep as death. Oh Damn! I know it! and I know how the May fields all golden show, and when the day is young and sweet, gild gloriously the bare feet that run to bathe.

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