Thursday, June 26, 2014

Up to the Moors

We headed up to Northern England to take in the Moors and the Dales. This part of England is rugged and soft and hilly and rocky and overall, just beautiful. 

We stayed at a youth hostel right on the water, Boggle Hole. A boggle is a hobglobin, who they say haunts this place. I saw no sign of it. 

We had to park our car at the top and walk about 1/4 mile down a steep road. The road leads right into the water and there's no turn around.

Boggle Hole is known as a smuggler's haven because the 'hole' between two cliffs was the perfect place for pirates to offload their booty.

When walking on the rocky coastline, you turn a corner and you get a peek at Robin Hood's Bay, one of my favorite places on the coast. This was my 4th time here as I enjoy it so much every time.

We could walk from Boggle Hole to Robin Hood's Bay by taking a well worth path at the top of the cliffs...

…through a thicket 

 Pastures with sheep and cows grazing were on one side ...

…and a steep cliff on the other, overlooking RHB.

The village is built right on the steep hillside with houses all higgity piggity on very narrow cobbled walkways.

The doors are so beautiful, each one giving a distinct look to the cottage.

The day was marvelous and the views not so bad either.

Was a bit too early for a pint though.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wedding Day

One of the reasons we came to England this time was to attend Laura and Dan's wedding. We've known Laura since she was in high school in Australia. Houston worked with her dad, Brian, while we were in Sydney. Laura and Dan met in Cambridge and they lived just two blocks from us when we lived here so we saw them a bit. Dan is a big bicyclist so he and Houston had many rides around Cambridge. Houston actually bought Dan's race bike.
Anyhootie….the wedding began at 1:00 in the afternoon at the Islington Town Hall.

Upon exiting the hall, hired buses were waiting to whisk us away.

Familiar 1980's British music blasted from the speakers inside.

This is the only photo I got of Laura and Dan together.

We got a lovely tour of London on our way to the London Eye, a ferris wheel of sorts. 

Looks like a huge bicycle wheel

Each pod fits about 20 people.

We took over 4 pods. We were luckily in with the bride and groom and family.

Wheeled on board were 3 coolers full of champagne and nibbles.

Laura and her cousin, the bridesmaid.

the cousins and Laura's brother

Laura's family

We went around two times, each taking 1/2 hour so we had plenty of time to drink and eat.

We looked down upon the crown on the Westminster Bridge over the Thames. The naked bike parade was taking place and we could see tiny naked bodies on bikes with big crowds watching.

Back on the buses to take us to The Peasant, a pub near King's Cross.

They had rented the entire pub for the evening.

A hark back to the '80's, the Sex Pistols and Depeche Mode.

We had a full sit down meal with delicious food. Laura and Dan are foodies and they picked our selections well.

There was not really an official wedding cake, as we had our individual desserts with dinner, but since Dan is of Swiss descent, his father had put together this 'cheese' cake. Now, that's a wholelotta cheese!

We had to leave before the last train at 10:30 back to Cambridge, but I think that folks were staying after 11:00 to watch the English football game. 
It was a wonderful day/evening and our first traveling wedding to three locations. Fun times and I wish a long and happy life to this darling couple.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet Little Cardi

I asked Audrey (my fabulous neighbor/knitter) 6 days before the Sheep & Wool Fest, if she could knit up this little cardigan. I had no samples of my new yarn, Shimmy, and wanted something to show how nice this yarn is.

Well, she got it done the evening before and I picked it up in the wee hours on Saturday morning on my way to the fest. Job well done, Audrey!
The pattern is 'Miette', available for free on ravelry. This size took 5 skeins of Shimmy.

The color is 'Orchid', the pantone color of the year.

Anne wore it while working at the booth. Love her handspun, hand knit skirt too! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Riding Around

My favorite thing to do while in Cambridge is to hop on my bike and ride around, in the city and the countryside. No matter how many times I see these cottages, I am still enthralled with their charm. I love the thatched roofs, the colors of the stucco and the gardens surrounding the homes.

This was the day that England was playing in the world cup.

On some of the cottages, there are thatch adornments. 

This is in a little village, just a short trail ride from Cambridge. 

They have a Mini Cooper to match their cottage!

Bikes are allowed on most of the miles and miles of walking trails. 

This trail goes right by a gun range. After reading this sign, no problem….I wouldn't think of picking military debris up!

All the trails, even public paths and fields in town, have cattle grazing the lush pastures.

Lots of places to stop for knitting.

This is one of my favorite places. The Orchard in Grantchester has the best cranberry scones. It's a popular site to come and wile away an afternoon.

This little building next to the church is for rent. Bet it's cute inside! 

I see pheasants every now and then, near the hedgerow where it's safe to duck in.

The views within the city are so spectacular too. This is the River Cam, from the bridge we cross over on the way to City Centre.

Punting boats on the River Cam. 

I found vintage! A shop in downtown Cambridge sells vintage crates and spools along with new items. I found out the couple met in Rhode Island and loved the vintage things in the states.

A little market close to our flat. We only have a few days left in Cambridge, then we're off to the north. So today I'm off for more sight seeing while biking.