Friday, November 30, 2012

Dogs and Their Chicken

 Because it's studio tour and I'm pretty darn busy, something is usually thrown into the mix to make my life even more complicated. Today Forrest alerted me that he thinks the chickens are picking on one of the hens, Matilda. I went out to check, between helping customers, and Matilda was hiding out hiding in the egg laying box when all the other hens were out free ranging, eating free bugs and having fun. So I picked her up to have a look-see (in my grown up clothes, all nice and clean, not my usual farm clothes) and I noticed she smelled kinda bad then saw where her back beneath her wings was, well, raw skin and no feathers and really yucky. So I brought her inside the house, put her in a box and went to get the neosporin. Rubbed a bunch on her back (ewwww!) and told her not to touch it. She thought I said "Touch it" cuz she had neosporin all over her beak with a bit of feathers stuck to it too in a manner of seconds. Did you know that chickens could turn their heads 180 (degrees) around?! I thought I should make her one of those clear cones so she couldn't get to it. How cute would that be?!

She seems to be in good spirits though, eating and holding her head up. (That's a sure sign of not-being-so-darn-good, when chickens hang their heads.) I remembered that a visiting dog had chased one of the chickens but didn't think he had injured one, but I guess that's what happened.
 I went out to greet customers in the studio all day, (after putting more 'Rain' oil essence on) and came in at dark thinking that Matilda would be hunkered down in her box, asleep for the night. Nope, no chicken. I looked and looked, called her name, but no answer. An hour later I walked into the back room and there she was, on the dog's bed! And Casey was right next to her, but had given up his bed to her. Good boy, Casey! 

Trapper had to come see what was happening and who had taken up the entire doggie bed.

I guess Matilda rules, so this is where she'll be for the night, after I get that neosporin on and make that little chicken cone for her.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Patchwork Felt

I've been trying a new felting technique. I cut up random shapes from my vast collection of thrift store silk and place it on a hand dyed silk chiffon shawl base. But first a thin layer of wool has to be put down on the shawl to act as a 'glue'. This one is called 'A Day at the Carnival'.

I leave pieces hanging down on the back to create a flowy ruffle.  

I use my embellishing machine to make a felt pin to go with the shawl. 

Here it is flat, but it looks much better being worn.

'Under the Sea' is a combination of aqua, purples and sea foam green. 

Copper Beach is my 'subtle' shawl, browns and greys.
I'm totally addicted to making these now. I have so much thrift store silk to use and I can come up with so many color combinations. I did have to clean off my dining room table so we could eat Thanksgiving dinner, but now it's back to felting!

These will all be available at the Countryside Studio Tour, November 30, December 1, 1, 7, 8, 9. 
Come see!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ta Da!

 I pulled some of the crafts together today. These are my favorite types of days, going form one project to another. 

 The birds will appreciate this little treat.

 We have a 'library' at our little Barnesville post office. Folks drop off books and we can just take them. Well, these are Reader's Digest from 1959. They have adorable graphics and intriguing stories. I picked them all up and when wrapped in burlap and ribbon. 

 Clear glass ornaments + chalk paint + chalk = cute little ornaments. Perfect for a knitter friend.

or shredded knitting patterns and old books, stuffed into glass orbs.

 I have always had a love affair with pickups. My boys asked me many years ago if I could have only one car, what would it be. They thought I'd say a Ferrari or sporty Mercedes. Nope, I said a pick up truck. I cannot be without a pickup. My Ford Ranger was deemed unsafe recently and I rushed out to buy another Ranger. I love hauling stuff. 
I thought these die cast red pick ups would be perfect for holiday decorating. I've only ordered five and I'm definitely keeping one for myself. The doors and tailgate even open!

I actually had a black pickup very similar to this about 35 years ago, a 57 Chevy. I loved that truck even though it was really hard to drive. I moved from Colorado to Florida in a 1964 International pick up, pale blue. Gotta have a truck! Now off to do more crafting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Come Over

...because my house is totally trashed. Every room has some form of craft going on. This is my dining room, aka felting station.

 This is my kitchen counter, or painting ornaments station.

The island is the book wrapping place.

 The sunroom is my embellishing area.

 The back room is storage for supplies for crafting.

The piano is a shelf for buttons and boxes.

 The living room is my knitting area...

and yarn drying space.

 The hallway houses bags and bags of roving and silk.

 Even the outdoor surfaces are being used. This is the deck, or 'oil rubbed bronze' spray area.

I am using the fence as its intended purpose though. 

 I know, I have this lovely 700 sq ft building to do my crafting, but it's filled with fiber! But we're hosting Thanksgiving and unless we're going to stand up to eat, I better get my #(%! done. Gotta go!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Best. Day. Ever.

What a lovely site!

and did I EVER need a new phone! I was borrowing an old phone from a friend for about a year. It had quit ringing, would turn itself off and basically had to be tethered to the outlet. A very un-mobile phone. Buh bye clamshell. Helllllooooo smartphone! 

Another awesome package that awaited me was these beeeeeautiful cowboy boots from Country Outfitters. A girl can't have too many pairs of cowboy boots! And these turquoise numbers round out my black, brown and red ones. 

Sweet detailing and they're soft and already feel broken in. The only bad thing is that they're a bit slippery so I have to scuff them up on the bottom.

But.....the crowning glory was finding this baby. I can't be without a pickup and my 1996 Ranger having some issues. Back story: I've driven that Ranger hundreds of miles lately, pulling about 1000 lbs. of trailer and fiber. Leaving Rhinebeck, NY and driving over 6 hours home in the dark, a whining sound came from the steering column about 2 hours from home. I just wanted to get home and my option was just to get a hotel room as it was about midnight. NAtalie and I pulled into the driveway safe and sound. I took the truck in to our local mechanic the next day and asked him to take a look under the chassis because I thought there was a lot of rust and to check out the steering column. Got a call back a few hours later with "Dalis, this truck is unsafe to drive!" Whoa! I felt so very lucky to have even made it home.

Since Ford quit making the Ford Rangers last year, I had to search for a used one with low mileage. I found ONE within a 100 mile radius. So I am one happy girl, downloading apps on my iPhone and kickin' some butt in my new boots. And I'm hauling lots of stuff in my new truck. whoohoo!