Thursday, November 08, 2012

Best. Day. Ever.

What a lovely site!

and did I EVER need a new phone! I was borrowing an old phone from a friend for about a year. It had quit ringing, would turn itself off and basically had to be tethered to the outlet. A very un-mobile phone. Buh bye clamshell. Helllllooooo smartphone! 

Another awesome package that awaited me was these beeeeeautiful cowboy boots from Country Outfitters. A girl can't have too many pairs of cowboy boots! And these turquoise numbers round out my black, brown and red ones. 

Sweet detailing and they're soft and already feel broken in. The only bad thing is that they're a bit slippery so I have to scuff them up on the bottom.

But.....the crowning glory was finding this baby. I can't be without a pickup and my 1996 Ranger having some issues. Back story: I've driven that Ranger hundreds of miles lately, pulling about 1000 lbs. of trailer and fiber. Leaving Rhinebeck, NY and driving over 6 hours home in the dark, a whining sound came from the steering column about 2 hours from home. I just wanted to get home and my option was just to get a hotel room as it was about midnight. NAtalie and I pulled into the driveway safe and sound. I took the truck in to our local mechanic the next day and asked him to take a look under the chassis because I thought there was a lot of rust and to check out the steering column. Got a call back a few hours later with "Dalis, this truck is unsafe to drive!" Whoa! I felt so very lucky to have even made it home.

Since Ford quit making the Ford Rangers last year, I had to search for a used one with low mileage. I found ONE within a 100 mile radius. So I am one happy girl, downloading apps on my iPhone and kickin' some butt in my new boots. And I'm hauling lots of stuff in my new truck. whoohoo! 

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