Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ta Da!

 I pulled some of the crafts together today. These are my favorite types of days, going form one project to another. 

 The birds will appreciate this little treat.

 We have a 'library' at our little Barnesville post office. Folks drop off books and we can just take them. Well, these are Reader's Digest from 1959. They have adorable graphics and intriguing stories. I picked them all up and when wrapped in burlap and ribbon. 

 Clear glass ornaments + chalk paint + chalk = cute little ornaments. Perfect for a knitter friend.

or shredded knitting patterns and old books, stuffed into glass orbs.

 I have always had a love affair with pickups. My boys asked me many years ago if I could have only one car, what would it be. They thought I'd say a Ferrari or sporty Mercedes. Nope, I said a pick up truck. I cannot be without a pickup. My Ford Ranger was deemed unsafe recently and I rushed out to buy another Ranger. I love hauling stuff. 
I thought these die cast red pick ups would be perfect for holiday decorating. I've only ordered five and I'm definitely keeping one for myself. The doors and tailgate even open!

I actually had a black pickup very similar to this about 35 years ago, a 57 Chevy. I loved that truck even though it was really hard to drive. I moved from Colorado to Florida in a 1964 International pick up, pale blue. Gotta have a truck! Now off to do more crafting!

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