Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Come Over

...because my house is totally trashed. Every room has some form of craft going on. This is my dining room, aka felting station.

 This is my kitchen counter, or painting ornaments station.

The island is the book wrapping place.

 The sunroom is my embellishing area.

 The back room is storage for supplies for crafting.

The piano is a shelf for buttons and boxes.

 The living room is my knitting area...

and yarn drying space.

 The hallway houses bags and bags of roving and silk.

 Even the outdoor surfaces are being used. This is the deck, or 'oil rubbed bronze' spray area.

I am using the fence as its intended purpose though. 

 I know, I have this lovely 700 sq ft building to do my crafting, but it's filled with fiber! But we're hosting Thanksgiving and unless we're going to stand up to eat, I better get my #(%! done. Gotta go!

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