Sunday, October 27, 2013

Funny Farm Visit

On our way to Rhinebeck, Natalie and I had the pleasure of visiting my friends, Marie and Bob, at their  farm in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. 

But on the way, we had a little mishap. My trailer got a flat, but I was able to pull right off the highway and call for help. While we waited, we got out our stool and chair, knitting and snacks, and got down to knitting.

 It wasn't really so bad but lost about 2 hours of travel time.

When Steve arrived I told him he was our knight in shining armor. He said he forgot his shining armor so I said you must have a little cape then, because he really was our hero. I asked him where he got the tire, as it was an off size. He said he just took it off his old Corvette. Whatever works!

We got on our way again and arrived at Marie's before dark. The further north we got and the higher we climbed, the colors just got more magnificent. 

This is looking towards their barn with the big pond in the background.

the house from the back

The chickens had to check out the new tire.

Barn e Cat found the sun in the house and was happy to be indoors.

Marie and Bob have sheep, goats, peacocks, guinea hens, chickens, and sometimes cows and pigs.

The chickens and goats live together.

The peacocks keep an eye on everything from the rafters.

Marie made lots of hypertufa planters this summer.
These are the folks who weave their own curtains, table linens, hand towels and rugs. They make their own cheese, beer, wine, liquor, bread, jams, grow all kinds of veggies and even tobacco, roast their own coffee beans, and even tan hides. They truly work the land. I admire them for all they do.

I'm always enthralled with the chicken plucker, a big blue plastic barrel with rubber 'finger's. When the dead chicken is put in, it gets turned on and spins really fast and within a minute, all the feathers are off.  

After a nice chicken dinner, we got a good night's sleep in a down covered bed. This was the view from my bedroom window in the morning. Always a pleasure to visit my friends on the Funny Farm in autumn. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rhinebeck Here We come!

Our booth is all set up at the New York State Sheep & Wool Fest in Rhinebeck, NY. Natalie and I drove up today (Friday) after spending the night with my friends, Marie and Bob in Pennsylvania. 

The booth started out like this, after purging the trailer and truck of all its contents.
That's a heckalottagarjundo amount of fiber there! I know cuz I spent many buckaroos on gas getting it up here.

 making progress....

still lots of Ikea bags of yarn to go.

Natalie dumped all the Slubby out and was looking at it to determine how best to hang the colors on the rack. She really hates her work!

Ta da! Pretty much done. I know I'm changing out a few things for next time, but this will have to do for now as the doors open tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and we have to have our game on for the onslaught. It's going to be a perfect weekend weather-wise, so the folks will be out in droves.

I have plenty of cotton and patterns and natural yarn.

...and plenty of samples to pique the knitter's interest.

And even some slightly naughty jewelry.

We're featuring the new Stars & Moons Shawl pattern, designed by my knitting neighbor, Audrey of Briarfield Designs. Had to work this star light into the display (gift from my friend Ann). So, if you're up in New York State, along the Hudson River, stop on in to the NYS Sheep & Wool,
 October 19 & 20.  Now off to bed for me!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Full Swing

I've been bustin' butt these last few weeks, dyeing heaps of yarn and roving for 5 fall shows. I've had some great help from my yarn skeiner, Claire, my packer and quality controller, Anne, my show helpers, Houston and Natalie. They keep my on track and make my life soooo much easier.

My fence has looked like this for weeks now. Except for the last 5 days because it has rained non stop. Good I got lots dyed before the skies let loose!

After hauling my shop to 3 shows, I unloaded and set up the studio for our Fall Studio Tour. 

 I hadn't made glass buttons in a long time so got that kiln fired up again and kicked out some cool new buttons.

My neighbor, Audrey, a fantastic knitter and designer, has come up with a couple patterns and samples for Dancing Leaf Farm. This is 'Moon & Stars' which is going to be a true 'star'. She's nearly done with the pattern and there has been so much interest, I can't wait to put it out there. 

This shawl has such a nice drape, knit with my Samba alpaca yarn.

The Samba Spring Shawlette is another pattern she designed using Samba.

Love this little cowl/shawlette knit out of a skein of Slubby.

Two kid's cardigans made with the eco cotton.

My 'Re-imagined' vintage jewelry. I've deconstructed vintage jewelry and put it back together with an updated twist.

Fairy batts, a blend of wool, tencel, silk, mohair

 Lots and lots of Sock Hop

 I've started making soap again. Mmmmm...smells so good!

 Gettin' crafty with these cute bird seed cups. I have a huge collection of antique cups and filled them with suet and a songbird mix of seeds.

I can't seem to pass up old tool boxes at sales, so have accumulated quite q few. I filled them with a mix of fall inspired goodies. Each one is a bit different. I'll be making more for the holiday season, so stay tuned.

Cute sheepy earrings and a necklace.

It's been a rainy, rainy (like 5"!!!!) weekend, but it's cheery and warm in the studio. Stop on by!