Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Riding Around

My favorite thing to do while in Cambridge is to hop on my bike and ride around, in the city and the countryside. No matter how many times I see these cottages, I am still enthralled with their charm. I love the thatched roofs, the colors of the stucco and the gardens surrounding the homes.

This was the day that England was playing in the world cup.

On some of the cottages, there are thatch adornments. 

This is in a little village, just a short trail ride from Cambridge. 

They have a Mini Cooper to match their cottage!

Bikes are allowed on most of the miles and miles of walking trails. 

This trail goes right by a gun range. After reading this sign, no problem….I wouldn't think of picking military debris up!

All the trails, even public paths and fields in town, have cattle grazing the lush pastures.

Lots of places to stop for knitting.

This is one of my favorite places. The Orchard in Grantchester has the best cranberry scones. It's a popular site to come and wile away an afternoon.

This little building next to the church is for rent. Bet it's cute inside! 

I see pheasants every now and then, near the hedgerow where it's safe to duck in.

The views within the city are so spectacular too. This is the River Cam, from the bridge we cross over on the way to City Centre.

Punting boats on the River Cam. 

I found vintage! A shop in downtown Cambridge sells vintage crates and spools along with new items. I found out the couple met in Rhode Island and loved the vintage things in the states.

A little market close to our flat. We only have a few days left in Cambridge, then we're off to the north. So today I'm off for more sight seeing while biking.


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