Friday, June 20, 2014

Wedding Day

One of the reasons we came to England this time was to attend Laura and Dan's wedding. We've known Laura since she was in high school in Australia. Houston worked with her dad, Brian, while we were in Sydney. Laura and Dan met in Cambridge and they lived just two blocks from us when we lived here so we saw them a bit. Dan is a big bicyclist so he and Houston had many rides around Cambridge. Houston actually bought Dan's race bike.
Anyhootie….the wedding began at 1:00 in the afternoon at the Islington Town Hall.

Upon exiting the hall, hired buses were waiting to whisk us away.

Familiar 1980's British music blasted from the speakers inside.

This is the only photo I got of Laura and Dan together.

We got a lovely tour of London on our way to the London Eye, a ferris wheel of sorts. 

Looks like a huge bicycle wheel

Each pod fits about 20 people.

We took over 4 pods. We were luckily in with the bride and groom and family.

Wheeled on board were 3 coolers full of champagne and nibbles.

Laura and her cousin, the bridesmaid.

the cousins and Laura's brother

Laura's family

We went around two times, each taking 1/2 hour so we had plenty of time to drink and eat.

We looked down upon the crown on the Westminster Bridge over the Thames. The naked bike parade was taking place and we could see tiny naked bodies on bikes with big crowds watching.

Back on the buses to take us to The Peasant, a pub near King's Cross.

They had rented the entire pub for the evening.

A hark back to the '80's, the Sex Pistols and Depeche Mode.

We had a full sit down meal with delicious food. Laura and Dan are foodies and they picked our selections well.

There was not really an official wedding cake, as we had our individual desserts with dinner, but since Dan is of Swiss descent, his father had put together this 'cheese' cake. Now, that's a wholelotta cheese!

We had to leave before the last train at 10:30 back to Cambridge, but I think that folks were staying after 11:00 to watch the English football game. 
It was a wonderful day/evening and our first traveling wedding to three locations. Fun times and I wish a long and happy life to this darling couple.


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