Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Day in My 50's

I survived Friday the 13th. It was a pretty marvelous day. A day of riding my bike through the beautiful English countryside….

…a simple lunch of the most magnificent cranberry scone with cherry jam and rich coffee at the Orchard in Grantchester….

and a drink at the local pub with this view. I am one lucky girl. And it's my nearly last day in my 50's. I am about to turn the corner into 60-dom. Wow! I really can't believe it. Where has the time gone?! Don't we all say that when we get old?
Tomorrow we go to a wedding in London which will be really fun. It starts at 12:45 and continues on when England plays Italy in the World Cup beginning at 11:00 p.m. We will be taking the last train back to Cambridge about then after a day of celebrating with this young couple as they get married, drinking at their local pub, taking a few whirls on the  'i' with champagne, and on to another pub for dinner. Then the train ride back to Cambridge and a bike ride to our flat in the wee hours of the morning. What a way to spend my last day being 59! 
Sunday when I'm actually SIXTY YEARS OLD, we're having a quiet picnic on the grounds of the college with a few friends. Sounds so peaceful. After a day of biking for sure. I plan on eating a lot of chocolate cake from Waitrose, so will have to bike a lot to reward myself. 
Both Houston and I turn 60 within a few weeks of each other. We decided that this will be the summer of travel to ease ourselves into the 60's. 
So our next trip is a a 900 mile bike ride down the Pacific Coast. We've just booked our tickets so it's a go. I got a new bike for the trip and wish I had new knees to go along with it, but these old knees will just have to do. We're carrying all our gear and camping along the way. Let's hope I can do it. 


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