Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We moved!

We got evicted (someone else is moving in) from our cute 2-bedroom flat and have taken up residence at Robinson College. The night before Seal left, I wanted her to see the new digs. The college said they were laying new carpet. The door was open, so we went in. Well, the carpet was down, but the new vinyl flooring for the bathroom and kitchen was laid out in the living room. The stove (they call them cookers) and fridge were in the living room along with all the furniture piled atop one another. The toilet was in the bathtub. I'd say the flat wasn't ready for us to move in the next morning. We had to move in in the morning cuz we had a flight to catch in the afternoon. Well, the flat was ready by noon and we got all moved in. Well, really just threw our duffels in and took off. Our new flat is the weird-shaped structure on the 2nd floor. It's tiny, a small living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Big enough for us, but it'll be tight when we have guests. We can rent guest rooms nearby which will be nice. The problem with the place is that it has hardly any storage so we're off to their version of Home Depot to get hooks, hangers, shelves and baskets. I'm storing clothes in the kitchen drawers and have even thought of the oven as storage. (who cooks anyway?!) The flat also has beige (ewww!) walls and Houston said I can't paint. But I can paint canvas so will be bringing plenty of those in to splash paint on. We have a tiny balcony but need some outdoor furniture.

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