Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tractors Go to the Pub

Island folks got around on these tractors. Inisheer is only 2 x 2 miles and we saw a lot of tractors. They could've just shared a couple. As you can see, they make good transportation to the local pub.
Not only the locals partake of the deliciousness of the Guinness. We took the last ferry (5:00 p.m.) off the island and on board were many people that had clearly downed a few beers during their stay. There was one guy in this large group that got lulled by the rocking boat into a 'nap' (passed out). He was easy prey, so his friend got out her makeup kit and proceeded to paint his closed eyelids a bright lavender, his cheeks a rosy pink, his gaping lips a crimson red and his eyebrows a dark black that made him look like he was surprised. (He probably was when he later looked in a mirror!) All of us in this part of the ferry were cheering her on, "More, more"! He finally woke up (came to) 10 minutes later. There were a few kids in this group that really got a kick out of this. One little boy about five years old, pointed to his own eyes, his own cheeks, and his own lips, trying to hint to this guy what was on his face, while the rest of us were "ixnay on the ellingtay". But the painted fellow thought this was a game and just pointed to his own eyes, cheeks and lips. Clueless! It was great fun. I wish I had a picture but Houston and the camera were out on the deck.

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