Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not a Creature Was Stirring

I bought an old wool sweater at Goodwill, felted it, cut it up into little mousey shapes and sewed the sides together. Of course I filled them with catnip, wool and a bell. I made the tails out of my grey sheep's wool, felted into a long realistic looking tail. In case there wasn't enough catnip (we call it cat beer) on the little mice, I sprayed them liberally with catnip spray.

The mice are planning their attack on Cheyenne.

Ohhhhhh. These smell FANTASTIC!

Let me get closer!

After sampling all the draught mice, Cheyenne proceeded to act very strangely, staring at the Christmas tree lights for a long time, then was convinced there was something outside the window and batted at some invisible (to me) object. Gotta love the catnip! Merry Christmas Cheyenne.

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Sharon said...

Cheyenne is one lucky kitty. Charlie should be so lucky. Charlie wants to know how far away you live and how it would take him to walk there~ Santa was not very generous with Charlie, so he sez