Friday, July 04, 2008

First Cutting

We have had a very good year for grasses. The first cutting for hay was made in early June. I always love this time of year. The smell of fresh cut hay is a delight of summer. The bales look like quiet sentinels keeping watch over the fields.

My son, Garrett and I went out at early dusk to catch the light on the barn and fields.

We're so lucky that this is just across the road from us. I never tire of the view, probably because every day it seems different. Sometimes in the morning the fog hovers in the lowland and I can watch the sun peek over the hillside when I walk down to get the morning paper. There is a pond down there and one behind us and many birds fly overhead going from one to the other.

Garrett turned around and took this pic of our neighbor's house and our field just before the sun went over the horizon.

And I took this one of Garrett going all brown against the bale.

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