Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer Daze

As summer winds down (wahhh!), I wanted to post a few pics of what I do on most summer days. Harris Road is a dedicated Rustic Road in Montgomery County. Where I grew up (South Dakota) all of the country roads were gravel, but here in MoCo we have to call a road rustic so it doesn't get paved. Anyway, Harris Road is only about 3 miles long, bordered by fields of soybean, corn and hay, woods, a creek and tiny streams. As you walk along, the views are either of a long canopy of trees, open fields or magnificent views of Sugarloaf Mountain. My friend, Tina and I bike around the mountain or walk our dogs down Harris Road a few times a week.

This is one of our favorite views at all times of the year, although this photo doesn't do it justice. The rolling hillsides change color during the seasons, and we always take a break to oogle over the view.

About the half way point is Little Monocacy Creek. My two goldens swim and swim and Tina's rotweiller just stands ankle deep on the side wishing he were a water dog too.

These are my golden retriever/river otters.

Casey is a bit on the chubby side so wears out easily.

A few more views of the last days of summer........

Chickens love the peaches!

Good bye dog days of summer!


Anonymous said...

I also live in MoCo but further down county. We love driving through the county and your blog encourages more exploring of the local rustic side to the state. Our thirteen and half year old golden passed on early this summer. How we miss her. The face of yours reminds us of her. I was wondering if you could share info on where your dogs were born; breeder maybe? Ours was half golden and half lab but looked all golden! We are hesitant to trust the newspapers. Any info on finding the next light of our life would help. Thanks so much.

Dalis' Blog at Dancing Leaf Farm said...

So sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. Tasman is part lab and part golden and Casey is full golden. We got them both from my friend who used to breed goldens but no longer does. She may know of some good breeders though. Have you tried the Golden rescue place? WE got a great golden that way. Best of luck.