Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow & Ice & Lunch

Ann and I paid our friend, Peg, a visit last week on the day it snowed. We hadn't seen her in a long while so suggested we bring her lunch and we could sit and chat. I brought Brunswick stew and just baked peanut butter cookies. Ann brought a delicious greens salad with grapefruit, feta, and sugared pecans. We also had grainy bread and coffee. We sat in Peg's warm kitchen with her little wood stove heating up the room to a comfy 70 something, watching the snow gently falling out the large kitchen windows.

After lunch I grabbed my camera and made my way just a bit to her cabin/studio/bed & breakfast place. The cabin was built in the mid-1700's I believe and Peg runs it as a B&B from April until November. She makes a huge full breakfast that she walks down in a basket.

The cabin is surrounded by fields, woods and a beautiful pond. Three sheep graze the fields and a canoe awaits one for a paddle to the little island. The snow made the cabin look so peaceful.

If it was a warmer day, I could picture myself sitting on the porch, rocking the day away. But instead we got to have a wonderful wintery day shared with good friends.

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