Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sheep & Wool & Rain & Fun!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for coming to see me at MSWF. It was a soaky, wet, drizzly, day on Saturday and an 'open-up-the-skies-and let-it-pour Sunday. But the giddiness of the yarn buyers made it all worthwhile. I didn't hear one complaint about the rain. You can blame me for the weather though. My first S&W fest was 20 years ago. I was outdoors then under a makeshift tent. Overnight winds came up and my tent blew over onto the little goats next to me. Imagine my face when I saw the tent on Sunday morning. The goats were fine, just scared. After that I went indoors, swearing I'd never be outside again. I was in the T-shirt building and the t-shirt lines got longer and longer until it became a burden because not many folks could get into the building. So I decided to move outdoors again, but this time I had a professional tent put up. I did add my 10x10 tent to the back of it which leaked somewhat so next year I'm putting up a Morton building! No, just a bigger tent. So anyway, that's why it rained buckets and buckets.

I took my scary lady mannequin apart as she is just too heavy as a whole person and anyway she tends to fall over (too much wine?!). She had a long rod coming out of you-know-where so when she's upright she fits into a stand. But it just didn't look right (kinda sorta like torture!) so I removed it but it left a hole in you-know-where. Not wanting to scare away customers, I went inside my tent in search of an article of clothing that would cover her up a little bit at least. I found a cowl I had done out of pure alpaca and put it over her hard little hips and butt. I then had to pin a felt flower in the middle so it looked like she was wearing hotpants, pure alpaca hotpants to be sure. Of course she's wearing my hand knit socks. I think she did bring in the customers.

Some folks were not too sure though.

I arrived at S&W an hour early (8:00), but not nearly early enough. My booth was already crowded. Shouldn't have left so many last minute details to do. Next year!

A very satisfied customer, no complaints.

My socks that don't rock.

My three awesome helpers. Suzanne, Natalie and my son, Garrett. Garrett has grown up selling yarn. He was my yarn pimp at Oberlin College (it helped pay his way). He seems to enjoy helping out and I REALLY appreciate the help. (Garrett does not usually have facial hair but he was participating in 'Cinco de Mustache' yesterday. Guess he has shaved it off by now.

Walking around a bit on Sunday, we noticed how bad the mud was in other booths. These folks had to dig a 6" deep trench to divert the river rushing by their space.

Mud flood.

This totally felted tower with Rapunzel leaning from it was entered into the competition. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy but it was so awesome!

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your wool!"

Kathryn Crippen of Crippenworks created these colorful knitting needle bags. I was so smitten with her display that I asked if I could take some pix. She's one of those people when you meet, you seem like you've been friends forever. I loved her choice of fabrics and her designs. Since I can't sew, I am always in awe when someone sews a straight line and can put pieces of fabric together the right way.

Garrett took this pic of me while we were driving to the festival. Many of these photos are ones he took with his amazing camera.

I had 80 pounds of wool in the back getting wet.

John at Frankenmuth Woolen Mill packaging up my raw wool.

Garrett got this shot of me as we were standing out in the pouring rain. Well, I still have a smile on my face, but I do look a bit bedraggled!

Comparing wellies. They were the footware of choice last weekend.

I think this is my favorite shot of the festival. Pretty in pink.

My little pepper plants being very happy in the rain.

My trusty U-haul trailer.

Sheep and Wool Fest would only be a wool fest if it weren't for the likes of this guy. Muy friendly.
"What big ears you have!"

Llama llips.

Near the end of the day on Sunday, about 3:00, we put a sign out,"Rainy Day Discount - 10% off Everything!" That brought the last minute shoppers in.

Annie Kelley of Kiparoo Farm and me talking important knitting stuff. It was really nice being just up from Annie. She ran out of paper and ran down to get some. We needed bags. Annie has been a fiber friend and a farm friend for about 17 years now. Her son, Kip, and my son, Garrett are best of friends. It was nice for them to catch up too.

Annie's booth as busy as ever.

Thanks again and I hope to see you next year at the fabulous MSWF! Happy knitting! Dalis


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