Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Straw Into Gold

I've been dying like mad lately, getting ready for my last tours of the year. Phew! I throw a huge pile of colorful yarn in a pile upstairs in my studio and.......

it turns into this! I can hardly believe my good fortune! It's like Rumplestilskin and the miller's daughter spinning straw into gold. Except this is turning 300 yard skeins into 100 yards skeins. (boring!)

And my good luck comes in the form of Super Duper Extra Special Fast and Impressive... the Amazing Abi. She comes in stealthily, quietly goes out to the studio and sets the skeiner in motion for hours at a time. Six months ago I put up an ad in our local post office..."Boring work in a colorful studio. Make your own hours. Call......."

I had four responses but hired Abi because she said she liked boring work. She is a lifesaver. My least favorite job is skeining. I'm too ADD for it. I listen to music while skeining and after ony 10 minutes I say, "OK, one more song and I can quit." I don't have stick-to-it-tive-ness. But I did do it for 20 years, hand turning the skeiner sometimes over 10,000 times in a few days. I now have an electric one which makes the job a bit easier (not less boring tho).
On this Thanksgiving Eve, I just want to say that I am thankful to Abi for letting me do the things I really like doing, like dying more yarn that needs to be skeined.

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