Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goodbye Mocha

Another sad day at Dancing Leaf Farm. My Mocha, Queen of the Field, has passed away. She lived a very rich life of 17 years here on the farm. She was my best buddy in the field, always by my side, so friendly and a bit needy. The last few years she was really skinny but ate all the time (I asked her what her secret was....exercise, exercise, exercise!!!) Sheep do have a hard time keeping weight on when they get older.
Sheep have a heirarchy and Mocha was at the top of the pecking (or butting) order. She demanded respect and she got it. After shearing, they have to set it up all over again because they don't recognize who was the leader after losing their coats, so they butt heads and the winner gets to be the queen. Mocha always won.

One spring I let all the sheep out into the fresh green grass. They behaved themselves for a couple hours, then started down the road, so back into the fenced field they went. But I got some great photos of Mocha in the tulips.

Here she is with Brambles, her BFF. Brambles is even older but still can kick butt. I dare say I may catch Brambles with a tear or two.

Mocha always had the most beautiful wool, until recently when all her energy went into trying to keep weight on.

After shearing I think she was grateful for getting her long wool coat off so she could frolic in the grass.

She was always in the front of the pack, making sure she got the grain or the pets and attention. Lately she'd become a bit annoying as she was basically attached to my leg while I was out doing my barn chores. I rather liked it though, but she did get in the way. I'd be carrying a bale of hay and there she'd be, underfoot making me trip. I don't have another sheep like her but maybe one of them will step up, relax and become my best farm friend. (bff)

During the last snow, making her way over to me, hoping for a snack.

Goodbye my sweet girl. I'll miss you.


LemonyRenee' said...

Awwww, what a sweet tribute to a sweet sheep.

goatldi said...

Bucket list here at Walnetto Farm
one lovely blue english setter waiting to cross the bridge with sedation for comfort as I type. one amazing 10 y.o. lamancha herd queen who is still here, alpha bitch of the goat barn, but working up to traveling on.

They steal our hearts and own our souls and I , as Garth said, "if I had known how it would end, wouldn't have missed the dance."

willowisp2 said...

I love the sheep and tulips. It's so very colorfully Dalis. You couldn't have collage'd it any better. Bye Mocha.....

Andrea said...

I'm sorry about Mocha, but I'm happy she lived a good life on your farm. How do these funny little animals worm their way so deeply into our hearts.

ginger said...

She was a very lucky sheep to have you for a mom!! I know you will miss her. Those are sweet pictures!!