Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Tussle with a Vessel

I really do like felting even though I don't do enough of it. But I wanted to enter something in a gallery show in Cumberland so thought I'd better get to it.

Starting out with lots of colorful fluffy stuff, wool, mohair, and silk, I layered wooly bits over a piece of round, flat foam.

I wanted the vessel to be black in the middle so laid the black down first, then the dyed wool over that. This is how the one side looked before turning it over and laying down more colored wool.

I patted, poked and prodded...

... then rolled it all up in bubble wrap....

and got jiggy with it, stomping it with my feet.

and it turned into this yucky blobby thing with a gaping black mouth!

I managed to get it to stand up and behave itself and fiddled, fudged and fingered it until it turned into

this! It's about 8" tall and will hold a jar with flowers in it or be just a thing on a table. I have been spinning really funky chunky yarn and I embellished the top with my handspun and sheep's locks.

In other felting news, I attended the monthly felting group meeting and we made hollow balls and flowers. We'll be able to expand on this pod thing to go really big and wild. Look for future pod action.

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