Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Six Mile Farm

I went over to Penny and Keith's farm to check on their horses and cats while they were away. It's always a pleasure to take a stroll around the farm. The view from their house overlooks Sugarloaf Mountain, the long view, not the up front short view that we have. Now that the hot weather has hopefully left us until next June, the skies are blue and clear. We don't have what I call vaseline skies where it looks like you're peering through a lens covered in vaseline.

The puffy white clouds are back and the light is amazing. Everything has edges now and the colors are deep and rich. I feel like I've taken a Claritin and I don't even have allergies!

They have an old log structure that sits between the house and barn. It has no chinking and is an 'open air' space. I can't imagine living in such a tiny space, especially with the walls closed in.

My favorite building though is the large bank barn. It is always free of spider webs, neat as a pin, and smells like fresh hay. They have a barn party every year and this year was a special event. Unfortunately we were hosting the Miller reunion so could not attend. Some of our friends are in a band "Rhododendron Road" (perfect for a barn party!) and set up right in the barn. Tables were set outdoors in the front. It was a perfect summer evening, the humidity had cleared and I hear everyone had a great time. Sorry to have missed it.

The cat saw that I was there and came from some hiding place to get a bite to eat.

Keith has lots of big farm toys.

Up near the house is a beautiful sculpture of a female and male turkey. Turkeys frequently wander by, perhaps attracted to these two.

Upon returning home, I look across the road and am thankful for our beautiful view and to the beginning of another season in Barnesville.

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