Saturday, December 04, 2010

Lotsa Lotsa Stuff! A Peek at the Studio.

I've been a busy little elf making and dyeing and spinning and labeling and sewing (!) and running from my dye pots in the basement to my kiln upstairs in the studio. I might have burned off 50 calories which still puts me WAY behind since the Thanksgiving-Stuffing-of-my-Face Holiday, or as my friend calls it, Fatass Day.

The Countryside Artisans' Holiday Studio Tour was last weekend and again this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and making jewelry too. I keep buying more and more jewelry supplies so thought I should just sit my big butt down and put those findings together.

Shelves are brimming with freshly painted yarns. (I'm trying to get all those damn stink bugs out of the yarn too. They love to burrow down in the warm wool. Yuck!)

I love these old suitcases. I've got quite a collection going.

New stuff: I have a great new yarn...a super chunky superwash called 'Boogie Woogie'. It knits up really fast (sweeeeet!) and is great for baby stuff cuz they can throw up on it and it can be thrown in the washer (the blanket, not the baby!) This is 'A Pocket Full of Posies' pattern. It has a cute little pocket for a treasure.

I've also knit about a dozen pairs of hand warmers out of it. Takes only about 1/2 hour to knit one up.

I do love hand warmers. We keep our house pretty cool (in the 50's and if we're feeling really indulgent, up to 62!) so wearing these is essential.

A whole new yarn idea...six different yarns, all dyed together, 600 yards total. I call it 'Biggie' and it's enough for a shawl or vest.

I love how the dye takes to the various yarns, with a different sheen and luster.

This was my living room last week when we had the big rain and I couldn't hang my wet yarn outdoors to dry. Trapper was upset that I was taking his prime spot in front of the wood stove.

Claudia Olsen knit up this beautiful lace shawl out of my new lace yarn, Minuet. I don't knit with lace yarn, I'm a bit afraid of it cuz it's sooooo thin. This is the 'Springtime Bandit' pattern.

I do knit with this thick ribbon yarn, Ballet though. This is a funky pattern that makes big loops on the edges to give it a boa type look.

This colorway is 'Red Rocks'.

The little kiln was fired up and churning out fused glass brooches. Looks great on a coat, cardigan or scarf.

I've set up a long table in my basement to lay out the nuno scarves. After laying out the fibers, I roll them up in bubble wrap and bring them upstairs, sit in a chair and roll them with my feet as I work on something with my hands. I'm getting much more coordinated! I wear this red one with my awesome red cowgirl boots. Festive!

I've wrapped up some novelty yarns and ribbons for crafty folks. Hope to see some of you this weekend. Have a great holiday season. Yay!

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