Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dual Deals

After taking some time off, I busted butt last week to catch up. I had two shows in two different places, Yarn on the Farm here at the studio and the other at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Fest. 'Val' greeted the customers while she sported her new heart bra. Ann and another friend, Colleen, ran the show at home. Thanks guys!

The shelves were stocked with color

and plenty of red yarn for Valentine's Day.

Looking forward to spring with new flower jewelry.

I finally finished a shawl out of 'Biggie', the yarn that has 6 different yarns, all dyed at the same time. Pattern available soon.

Drove up north of Pittsburgh Friday, set up the booth and went up to the room and drank wine and went to bed early. My trusty helper, Natalie, came along to sell, sell, sell and keep me company.

Sunday was my class on nuno felting a scarf. I laid out all the fiber, wool, glitz, silk, mohair, locks and the women chose the color of the scarf and the coordinating fiber. I had 18 in the class, which is my largest yet so even this took a bit of time.

The silk chiffon scarf is laid out on bubble wrap, the wool is put down...

...then the fun glitzy embellishments are sprinkled on throughout, wet it all down, roll it up and start rolling slowing then faster as it starts to felt.

and out comes some beautiful art-to-wear scarves!

The emcee for the fashion show was Steven Be (really Steven Berg but he dropped the 'rg'). Quite a character, sorta rock starish, bejeweled, knitter guy. He really pushes the idea of knitting with anything linear. This cardigan he's wearing is knit mostly with black cotton, but the neck, wrists and scattered throughout are old telephone cords and cable. There are also flat circles of foam knitted on as embellishments. I also saw a sweater made out of video tape. He caused quite a stir amongst the traditional knitters.
Arriving home Sunday night, I was glad it was all over, but also happy to meet more wonderful, creative women. Now for a little vacation!

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