Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Iris Eyes Are Smiling!

Since it refuses to be spring outdoors, I had to have spring indoors. A friend brought over these gorgeous iris last week. I've been playing with the new camera I got awhile back. It's my son's 'old' Canon EOS SLR camera. He upgraded and I upgraded from my point and shoot. I still take most of my shots with my little point and shoot, but I really do need to use the Canon more. I really like the bokeh effect so am experimenting with depth of field.

  The buds started so tight, and over the next few days, I watched them slowly open up. If we kept our house warmer (it's around 50 in the kitchen), they would open faster, but I can understand their hesitancy to expose themselves to the cold.

 And finally, a fully opened blossom. 
Make my day, iris!

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