Monday, September 26, 2011

At Home in Cumberland

I've been playing around with my 'new' camera (Garrett upgraded and I bought his old one).  I dropped my point and shoot camera and sorta broke it so I have to learn how to use the more complicated camera. Garrett shows me how to do some simple adjustments and I can do them for 5 minutes, but then I forget. So I just fiddle and fudge and hopefully the camera will do its thing and I'll get a passable photo.

Our mantle in Cumberland has a weird combination of an antique level, a soda bottle that sports the words "Garrett's Club", the mechanism for a parking meter, an antique Oxo tin, a wire gazelle from the Natural History museum gift shop and a striped vase.

 I found this vintage 'New World Atlas' at a yard sale. It's huge, about 30" x 16" and has countries that no longer exist. A wooden machine part (that looks like a top) and an old tin airplane in a frame sit on top of the book.

 I like old metal stuff and whooped it up when I found this trash bin that was used in an mechanic's shop for greasy rags. I use it for a side table. 

 And I love the 1950's toy tractor. Sometimes I put almonds in the scoop.

 I've done a few mosaic mirrors. I especially like this one with the black grout.

 The scrabble letters spell out "You don't even know me." 

 I bought this metal piece in Frederick at the Muse (LOVE!). The artists repurpose old tractors and farm machinery into frames, boards and tables.

 I have a thing for old typewriters too. I found this one at our local dump. 

I can't imagine someone throwing this away. I do love the old type keys (shift, tabular).

More red stuff.

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