Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Shoot

 I finally finished knitting two more shawls out of my 'Biggie' yarn and a scarf out of my 'Happiness'. A perfect opportunity presented itself...a beautiful model to sport my items and a weathered, rustic backdrop to photograph against.

 I've noticed in my years of shooting models (that doesn't sound right!) that some are naturals where every photo is great, just click, click, click, my job is easy. 

 Biggie yarn for the poncho in Grey Mist colorway.
 One has to be comfortable in front of the camera ...

 and my friend, Seal, is one of those.

 She's playful, silly, gorgeous...

 and shows off my things so well.

 Don't you just want to knit everything she's modeling?!

 Happiness yarn
 I've known Seal for nearly 30 years and she's one of my closest and dearest friends. 

 It's scary how much alike we are. We show up wearing nearly the same clothes time and time again, we pick out the same paint colors (out of the hundreds we have to choose from), buy similar home decor accessories and usually know what the other is going to say.

 We have the same curly hair and we've been mistaken for sisters. Although now I've been asked if she's my daughter! Yeah, if I had her at six!!! Gotta contact that plastic surgeon! 

Biggie rectangular shawl in Forest colorway.

Thanks to the next top model.

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