Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting Together

Two years ago, we gathered for the first Miller family reunion this decade. Betty and Bill Miller had five boys (yikes!) and all were there. Jim was the only one one missing this year as he and his family live in California and couldn't make it. Houston, his brother George, and I drove down to Winston/Salem NC for the weekend. 

These are most of the grandkids and great grandkids of Bill & Betty. 

 I asked that everyone at the party stand for a portrait photo. I got harumphs and rolling eyes, but nearly everyone obliged. George is pictured above, number 2 in the birth line and resides just two houses down from Houston and me. He likes riding trains and long walks on the beach.

My hubbie, Houston and number 4 and lives with me. He likes riding bikes and climbing mountains.

Chip is number 1 and lives near Charlotte. Chip likes anything to do with computers.

Chuck is number 3 and lives in Winston/Salem. Chuck likes painting and riding his black bike. He and his wife, Debbie organized the event.

Diana is Chip's wife and loves grandkids and puppies.

Debbie is married to Chuck and likes hopping on her bike and riding on river trails. She looks smashing in pink.

Houston took this pic of me and got way too close. I had to photoshop out some wrinkles.

Shannon is Chip's daughter and brightens everyone's day with her huge smile. I'm glad I'm her Facebook friend.

Jennifer is Chip's other daughter, making her Shannon's sister. The girls live next to each other on a big farm near Charlotte. Jennifer has a thick Southern accent that you could listen to all day. She's an EMT, saving lives right and left, sort of a super hero. (Her husband, Ryan, couldn't come)

Tim is married to Shannon, easy going and very likable.

Eric is Chuck and Debbie's son (my nephew) who lives just miles away from them. He likes WWW (not the world wide web, but World Wide Wrestling). He's a sweet, gentle soul and I always enjoy his company.

My niece Corey, brother to Erik, is just a doll. She lives in Raleigh, going for her masters in social work  (correct me if I'm wrong Corey). Her mom, Debbie is from Minnesota and Corey has carried on those Swedish genes. 

Doug is Corey's boyfriend and our grill master. He stood out in the hot sun (with Chuck) grilling our burgers and corn. Thanks!

Thomas is Shannon and Tim's son. He's a computer wiz and an all around delightful young man.

Nathan is also Shannon and Tim's son. He's soft spoken and polite and I'd like to get to know him better.

This is the first time I've met Jennifer's boys. There's four of them (!). This is Jay, the oldest of the four. 

This was Austin's pose. What a ham!

Grady posed perfectly. What a cutie.

But I couldn't get Mason to stand still. He was a bit shy and was wary of me so I had to run around and get candid shots of him. He's just four and such a darling.

Baxter is Corey's dog and I think she had the best time of anyone at the picnic.

She got heaps of attention from all the kids.

Lucy is a quiet girl. Storms kept passing through all day and she didn't like that one bit. Debbie ended up taking her home and giving her a little chill pill to calm her down. Hey, who wouldn't want that?!

Here are all the girls with big smiles...

...compared to the boys, who looked like they would rather be having their teeth pulled than be in front of the camera!

The 3 D's: Debbie, Diana, Dalis

With Doug and Chuck at the grill, and hours of getting the fire started and grilling burgers and corn, George wanted this pic taken so he could take credit for the grilling. But now you know the truth. 

Yum, yum, yum. Grilled corn is tasty.

and tasty this was too. Nothing like a Southern girl baking an peach pie. Thanks Shannon!

Doug stepped away from the grill for 30 seconds to fortify himself for more grilling.


A beautiful day and time spent with family....good times.

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