Monday, September 17, 2012

Mom Comes A-Visiting

I get to see my mom, Darlene, only once or twice a year. How sad is that?! I wished we lived closer, not 2350 miles apart. But she likes Arizona and I like Maryland, so we can't just run over for coffee on a random Monday.

I told her if she was going to come now, that she had to work a bit because this is the beginning of my busy season. So we started out with lots of parties, beginning with a breakfast party.

 We also did some shopping at barn sales.

I thought I should get this knee sign in hopes that it would bring good juju to my knee.

Got the whole fam together...Forrest, Aramin, Garrett, Houston, Dalis, Darlene, Deidre

 All three grandsons in the same place at the same time...doesn't happen too often.

 Beer makes everyone smile!

 I did let her relax a little bit...

 reading on the deck to supercharge herself for more work.

 She got right to work on our furniture, scrubbing and painting. She also labeled about a gazillion skeins of yarn for me.

 We even had a Pinterest challenge, making these adorable little paper birds.

 Speaking of birds, Seal did this beautiful mosaic cardinal for a client. 

We had a delightful lunch at Seal's place.

Enjoying the beautiful weather

 and being with my mom.

 Seal lives only about 10 miles from her mom...lucky!

We had a marvelous time, but two weeks just isn't enough. My dear, dear mom just had her boyfriend break up with her, so I wanted her here to give her a little boost. We talked and talked, like I was the mom and she was the teenager, giving advice and consoling her broken heart. I told her that she is so warm, loving and adorable, that she'll find some lovely man to keep her company soon. I just hope he's as wonderful and she is!

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Wonderful post and thank you for sharing. Your Mom's quite a looker so I was shocked by the ending! That BF is a blind man.