Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Our Piece...'Water'

In our last felting meeting we created a wall hanging for Felt United. The theme this year is 'Water'.

I brought a few photos of beach scenes and we picked this lovely one as our inspiration.

We had all brought water themed materials in aquas, sandy tones and blues.

We picked from Zita's huge stash of dyed roving.

and her bits of silk

We laid out an outline with roving...

and began filling in the spaces with dyed fluff.

Soon it began to look like our beach scene.

We wetted it out with warm, soapy water,

 covered it in plastic,

 rolled it up into a huge towel and took turns rolling, rolling, rolling.

It didn't take long for it to felt. We will probably do a bit of embellishing and it's ready to go in to the gallery. The dimensions are about 42" x 36". Fun day of rockin' and rollin'.