Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hop To It!

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited to Stillpoint Farm for their annual pig roast/blue grass/hop viewing party. And this year was the extra bonus addition of the super moon! My friends, Tom & Carol Ann are the owners of this lovely piece of property, Stillpoint Farm near New Market. They put in a few rows of hops a couple years ago and now they are opening their own brewery! Their hops are sought after by the local indie breweries, and the hops have done so well, that they've kept some for themselves and are now making two types of beer. Their tasting room is opening this weekend. They were the kick off for the Frederick Beer Fest last month.

We were wondering how they tend and pick the hops so high up, then discovered their awesome 'scaffolding' in one of the fields. Such a lovely truck. But I would not want to be the one on top of the platform while it's bouncing over the bumpy fields. 

Tom & Carol Ann also raise Leicester Longwool sheep, a rare breed from England, and a few horses. 

Michelle and Forrest were totally on board for the....
...hayride to hoppyness!

Chuck rounded us up, started the tractor and off we went.

Happy Hoppers!

Besides the roast pork and chicken and massive pot luck, there was down home blue grass played on the front porch. As the sun set, the super moon rose as a glorious huge orb over the pastures. We sat in the yard, enjoying the music, eating locally grown food and drinking beer from hops raised from plants we could see. Such a fine summer evening! 

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