Monday, April 28, 2014

Crunch Time

We are down to the wire now. This Saturday & Sunday is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest and we are bringing a heapalottabuncha fiber! Anne is labeling, organizing, packing and keeping me in line. 

She packs crates like a pro. Samba alpaca yarn is ready for ya!

Michele is upstairs in the studio measuring fiber, putting kits together, packaging silk and doing every task I ask of her with a smile.

The studio is such a mess right now, but it's gotta get messy before it gets better. I'm taking nearly everything in the studio, so it's going to look like storm hit soon.

Trapper was exhausted just looking at us run around.

 Baloo was right by my side all day, waiting for the next load to be put on the fence.

I filled up nearly the entire fence with freshly dyed yarn and roving.

Until it started to rain. We rushed out there and gathered up all the yarn and I could hardly see Michele!

Now that's a LOT of color! 
I'll be posting more of the fabulous people that make up the team at Dancing Leaf Farm.

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Anonymous said...

Such a colorful post! At least when the studio is a mess it's a pretty and colorful mess : )