Friday, May 02, 2014

Sheep & Wool Here We Come!

The morning started out beautiful and stayed true to spring weather all day long. Finally, after all the rain we had this week, it dried out and everything is in bloom and happy to see the sunshine.

It's a big move day and Grace had packed the trailer to the limit.

We couldn't even fit it all in the trailer and my truck so Anne had to come over with her van and we loaded that up too.

We hauled it all to the Howard County Fairgrounds where the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest takes place. Luckily, it's less than an hour away from the farm. 

The booth started to take shape. We placed about 80 crates of yarn into place.

Anne had to show us her dance moves when she was on the tables. There was a pole nearby which she decided NOT to use.

I really couldn't believe how much yarn we had when we put it all together. 

It's been spread all over my house, basement, studio, outdoors for so long that I had no idea it would amount to so much.

But we put it all in place and I think we're ready for the onslaught tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing my fiber friends and meeting new ones. 

After our vendor dinner, we loaded our tired bodies up, said bye bye to the fairgrounds and traveled home for some wine and hot tub time. Much deserved I might add.