Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Dalis Does the Dales (with Houston)

 I think the Dales are my favorite part of England, although the Cotswolds are a close second. Wow! Does it get any prettier than this?!

The cows are used to hikers passing through their fields.

I was surprised at how nice and sturdy this foot bridge was making our river crossing so easy. It connected one field to another field.

Hmmmm….wonder where the trail is?!

Through another stile...

and stopped for a visit at one of my favorite felt artists, Andrea Hunter. Her art always amazes me. She paints with wool, laying it down very thin. Her pieces look like photographs until you get up close and realize that is it is all wool. 

And surprise! Another pub in the village. It was cool enough to sit and knit near the fire. 

We got to stay in this youth hostel outside a small village in the country. We had a huge room with amazing views. The Tour de France passed right by this front entrance last Saturday.

This was once a hunting lodge, built by a wealthy landowner for his guests.

We walked down the hill to the village for dinner, passing lambs along the way.

The entire North Yorkshire area was festooned for the Tour de France.

It was estimated that the tour would bring in over 100 million pounds (that's about $170 million!) in just the north Yorkshire area alone. Farmers had mown their fields and put up signs for parking and camping.

We saw heaps of bicyclists out on these very narrow, twisty, turny roads, riding the route.

I hated to leave the Dales but I did score some nice Wenslydale yarn. I've contacted the spinning mill and 20 kilos are on it's way to Dancing Leaf Farm!


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