Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We've arrived!

We've arrived in Cambridge!!! After an uneventful flight and a 2 hour drive, we zoomed in our Jetta to the beautiful village of Cambridge. Here I am in our first pub. We walked around town a bit, checking out our surroundings. One has to be careful of all the bicyclists here, I mean they are EVERYWHERE! We will get our bikes soon and will become one of them. There are bike/walking paths all through the town and even the countryside. They have names like Wandeburg Ring and the Roman Road, Grantchester and the Meadows, Cherryhinton Hall and the Chalk Pits, Midsummer Common, Riverside and the Celler's Checker. In the descriptions on line, they always say, "Stop at this pub for a pint." Will do!

This is our home for one month. No, not the warden's house in the back, but the garage apartment on the left. It's totally cute and we really wish it was ours for the duration. There's an extra bedroom with bunk beds so come visit! We live off a very quiet street right across from the college.

The view from our living room windows. The garden is all prepared for spring planting. The soil is dreamy! There are 2 gardeners here daily. Pheasants have the run of the place and I enjoy watching them scuffle about in the hedges. Those hedges are 15' high!

Not sure what these are yet, maybe grapes.


Cherry said...

hurray, the next great adventure starts. Bicycles everywhere - are you in heaven or what. I think I'd like the gardeners keeping my back yard neat. It is cold and windy here, lucky you are in England.


RosysMom said...

Have a wonderful time in England -- how I envy you. I loved Cambridge when I was there about 10 years ago. Look forward to ordering yarn from you when you get back. Sheila in cold North Carolina