Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall Studio Tour

The last few weeks have been busy on the farm. I've been getting ready for the shows and tours that took place in October and a couple more in November and two others in December. I dye yarn in 1/2 pound skeins, eight at a time on eight stove burners. I have a dye kitchen in my basement (I'll post pics sometime). After spinning out the water from the skeins in the washing machine, I run them out to the sheep fence to dry in the sun. The sheep are always interested and saunter over for a look. It's like they're coming over for a color inspection, scrutinizing the colors and after approving, walk away and graze, happy for their contribution in the process. This is Maybelle, Inspector #3, peeking through the autumn colored yarn, giving her nod to my dyeing.

Casey and Tasman also get into the act. They're not exactly my color consults, they just don't want to miss any action on the farm. They're always hoping I'll make a detour to the barn where they're fed and maybe get a bit more to eat. You can tell they aren't starving! They've both gained 10 pounds since last year. Diet time for the goldens.

Annabelle inspecting the Carnival colorway.

Our Countryside Artisans Autumn Studio Tour was held October 19, 20, 21. We had a beautiful weekend. Thanks to all for supporting our tour and the craftsmen who make this their life.

One of my customers had bought roving from me a month back and came to the tour to show me what she'd done with it. These turtles were so adorable! She did a great job and I was so impressed with her workmanship.

They're checkin' out the Salsa yarn.

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Michelle said...

Hi, Dalis I miss coming to your Fall studio tour. Tell Annie and Ceceilia I said Hello. I'll be in Deep Creek for Xmas. I now have a blog
look me up. Michelle