Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Stuff at DLF

This is the Baby Surprise jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern) that is oh so popular. Natalie knit it for the shop (and as a gauge for her adult version and is now knitting a larger one for herself). It takes one large skein of my Salsa yarn.

I finished the baby blanket out of 'Swing', an organic cotton in a soft blend of sage green and cream. I LOVE this yarn, even though it's a muted color. It's perfect for baby things because it's machine washable and very cuddly.

I had enough out of two large skeins to knit these cute socks and even a hat. Lucky baby.

Another baby blanket (no, I'm NOT pregnant! nor am I having a grandchild) out of BeeBop, my new machine washable superwash merino.

BeeBop socks, very practical cuz they're washable. I love these for wearing to bed, I swear they help me sleep!

I think I'm allergic to size 1 needles. I started these socks a month ago and I can't seem to get them off this foot and finish them. The pattern is called 'Apple Blossom Harvest.' You'd think the name alone would spur me on to finish them, but they just might become 'ankle cuffs'.

I finally found the ribbon I've been searching for. I've always wanted to dye my own ribbon but couldn't find it in white. Lo and behold, right across from me at Stitches last month, was this beautiful white ribbon just waiting to be thrown into my dyepots. When dyeing my skeins of yarn, after I put the dye on the yarn, I gently lay this on the top and press down. It magically absorbs the dye immediately. Can't wait to incorporate it into a shawl. It'd make a great little purse for the holidays too.

'Mist' is a new color of yarn at DLF. It's very unlike me, just grey and cream, but I have to appeal to other's tastes too. I'm knitting an amazing cardigan/shrug out of it and I'm not finding it boring at all.

I'm knitting it with 'Waltz', a 50/50 alpaca/wool blend in the Mist color, striping it with a hazy grey brushed mohair. It can be worn as a cardigan, (top pic), or as a shrug, (bottom pic). It's really cute on, as witnessed at Stitches, by a darling woman in the same booth as the wonderful ribbon I purchased. Every 1/2 hour or so, she'd change garments. When I saw her take this sweater off and turn it upside down and put it on, I said, "What the hell!" and ran over to see what was what. She designed the pattern and I just had to have it. Hopefully I'll be able to finish before the holiday tour in a couple weeks.

'Copper Canyon' is a bolder version of Desert Tapestry. The plums, golds and mauves remind me of Bryce Canyon.

Two of the felted hats I've done in the fall.

And some of the felted brooches out of unfinished knitted sweaters.

I don't know how many felt bags I've done, but I can't seem to get enough. I love doing them. Sometimes they turn out butt-ugly but once I've embellished them, they seem to come into their own and can proudly go out into the world.

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