Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cheery Valentine's Day

Last week while making some scrambled eggs (Farm Fresh Eggs From Chickens With Names!'), I noticed that I had missed the pan and had gotten some yolk on the counter. I had to take a pic of this as it was just too perfect. I heart eggs!

I'm borrowing this photo from my friend, Penny, who sent this last Valentine's Day. This was not staged, totally serendipitous. Awwwhhhhhhh! These two goldens are related to my two, cousins I think or they have the same great grandmother, something like that.

Red flowers can really cheer up your day.

And on the 'love' theme, this is Lover's Leap in Cumberland. Some friends, Smo and Karen, Houston and I hiked up there (we can leave right from our house) and went out on the bluff overlooking 'The Narrows'. We had no desire to become a statistic so didn't venture too close to the edge.

Karen, hunkering down trying not to get blown off the ledge.

It was so unbelievably windy up there, we only lasted a couple minutes. I'm totally bundled up and it was still way too cold to linger. We'll return for a nice picnic in the spring. It's great that it's just about a mile (up the hill) from our Cumberland house.

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