Monday, February 04, 2008

Have You Seen the Remote?

How many remote controls does one small family need? I rounded up all that I could find (I know there's more lurking in drawers and under cushions) and laid them out. I don't even think we own all the electronic devices that these little hand held miracles control, that will allow one to click through channels, stations, volume control, pause, fast forward, DBS, USB, Menu (what? I can order take-out?), Info, Fav, PIP CH, CATV, CC Converter, recall, R-Tune, return exit (what do all those mean?!!!!) all without getting our butts off the couch. Remember the old days when we actually had to MOVE to change from one channel to one of the other two channels that we got? That's why I had 3 younger brothers.

I just need a remote control made by Fisher Price. It has an on/off button, a channel button and a volume button, all about 1/2" big in bright yellow. And a little beeper for when I can't find it.

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Robin said...

Boy, am I with you on this topic! Don't have a collection like yours but I don't even know how to turn the TV on/off anymore! Another technological advance that has done me in -- the cell phone. Why can't I just get one that will make phone calls -- only!?!?!