Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Fiber Fest

Garrett and I arrived at the Fall Fiber Fest last Friday after sitting in traffic for too long. We were able to set the booth up mostly during daylight so that was a bonus. I get 2 spaces there under a tent (unfortunately this year I was under the yellow striped one and it distorts my colorways) but it's a relatively easy set up as I can pull my pickup and trailer right up to the space. And it helps that I had a strong 23 year old hauling for me. Paybacks are hell! After setting up we had our Sheetz sandwiches and some wine (chardonnay goes great with a hot chicken sandwich!), took a look at the sky full of stars and crawled into our 'motel' for the night, our U-haul trailer. I had brought our tent, but when I saw the empty trailer, I thought "What the hell! Let's just sleep in that!" I was afraid that the door would slam down and trap us in there so we put our boots in the way. We were warm (sort of) and dry and it was really dark and worked just fine for us. And we saved $130!

The weather was perfect, not disgustingly hot, not muddy and not dusty. Yeah! My space was chock-a-block full of color.

I had this sign made earlier this year and love it. Garrett designed my logo. That's really my slubby yarn and a photo of my sheep.

Garrett modeling the "Guy Scarf" knit from our sheep Brambles. (It's Brambles!)

The FFF has been held for 22 years I think and I've been going for 18 of them. Wow, time flies when you're knitting! I do really like this fest as it's small (50 vendors) and just a few hours away.

Besides the fiber vendors, the sheep dog trials are a main part of this event.

It's fascinating to watch these working dogs herd the sheep. They are SO fast. When I had bad fencing in the olden days on the farm, my sheep were always getting out. They would take off down the road of course, heading towards the blind curve with oncoming traffic. I always wished I had one of these dogs to herd them back to the property and keep them controlled. Instead I ran after them, throwing my clogs at them and cursing. We now have better fencing and they haven't gotten out in years.

Our favorite food vendor is the "Donut Man". These are the best donuts in the world. They're simple cake donuts but made with all organic ingredients with the secret ingredient being fresh apple cider. oops, not a secret anymore. They're lightly coated in sugar and served warm. Yummmmmmmmmm!

We seized a few for sure.

This is the train depot across from the festival grounds. This is all part of Montpelier, the home of James Madison. They've just completed a total renovation of the house, which we didn't see and are now working on this cute depot. So, it was a good show, saw lots of folks that have been regular customers for all these years, ate donuts, got to spend the whole weekend with one of my sons and even sold some yarn. Life is good.

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