Sunday, October 12, 2008

Studio Mess

I came back to this! I think someone vandalized my studio! There were crates strewn about, bins topsy turvy, drawers and cupboards thrown open and yarn everywhere.

Things were definetely in disarray.

This is why I tell people not to come by right after a festival. What a mess! I have only a few days to put it all back together, so customers think I'm this totally organized person.

And after many hours, the yarn got put back on the shelves...

the Slubby got hung on the racks....

the jewelry was placed in the cubbies...

and it was all ready to go.

Welcome to the Fall Studio Tour.

Lea Stern came out Friday during the tour and brought this gorgeous sweater for show and tell. She'd bought my hand dyed roving last year, spun it, plied it and knit this most amazing garment.

Bins of sale yarn, needles, samples and jewelry. Luckily it's a beautiful, sunny, dry weekend and I'm able to use the outdoors for display.

Two girls

and two more. This is the last day of the fall tour (Sunday) so hope to see you.

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