Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Peek at Cumberland

I'm up in Cumberland this weekend for the Mountain Maryland Studio Tour. This is my 3rd year on this tour and it's quite nice. Here's a peek at my other place, my Fun House. We bought this house 3 years ago. My husband grew up here in Cumberland and our house is just 2 blocks from the high school he graduated from. He bought here reluctantly, kicking and screaming really. But now he finds it very relaxing and fun. We have a really nice group of friends here, artists, bicyclists and classmates.

The house was built in 1919, solid and sturdy. It's brick, as most of the houses here are. There were many brick factories back in the day. Most of the streets are brick.

We have an eclectic mix of furniture. Most of the furniture came from Goodwill, leftovers from the farm place or found alongside the road. With a little bit of paint and glue, most pieces are reusable. Above is a waste bin for greasy rags, used at a service station. I use it now for a side table. Makes good storage too for all my greasy rags).

This cabinet made its way back to Cumberland. It used to live at Houston's parent's house over 40 years ago. It was dark brown wood then and did not have my favorite words painted on it, like 'poophead', 'dingleberry', 'sprinkle', mystical.

This is our 'fun' house.

The kitchen was very dark, dark cabinets, dark floor so I warmed it up with pumpkin colored walls and twinkle lights.

I've collected a few pieces of art from local artists. This is Dave Romero's photo printed on canvas of an abandoned silk mill nearby. Pictured is the calender from June, 1954, the month that people just walked out of the mill and it remains as it was to this day.

I collect vintage radios, clocks, electric fans and other quirky type things.

and typewriters

the purple room

the Barbie room because it's bright pink and orange.

the circle room

chocolate and licorice

the 1/2 bath, sorta reminds me of an old Texaco gas station restroom, only cleaner.

the view from the upstairs bedroom, overlooking the rooftops

and down to the courtyard below

my studio

Stop in this weekend for a cup of hot cider and a ginger cookie!

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