Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Good Day for Eating, I Mean Spinning!

The third Monday of every month is our meeting of 'Spinning Tales'. About a dozen of us gather at member's homes for a few hours of spinning wool and knitting and of course, eating amazing food that we all bring. Last Monday we met at Marsha's home. Marsha has lived all over the world, working for the state department before she retired a few years ago to settle down in Barnesville. Twenty-five years ago Houston, Aramin and I lived in this house and Marsha was our landlady who we never met because she lived in Egypt. It's really strange for me to go back to this house after living in it for 3 years back in the 80's. At that time it had orange shag carpet and dark wood paneling. The house was built around 1900 but I guess it had been 'modernized' in the 70's. What were they thinking?!!!

I took a walk around her home and saw so many vignettes, I just had to capture some of them. Marsha has been to many markets in foreign lands and has collected an array of artsy objects. She is also a very good cook, creating ethnic delights. I try to never miss an event at Marsha's! She has a keen eye for displaying her fruits and veggies too. Pomegranates, apples and leaves make a beautiful autumnal display.

The wall in the 'great room' with 'art'ifacts from around the globe. Some day I'll have to have her tell me about them all. Even though they are all very pretty objects, they all have a purpose too.

Marsha has a wall of floor to ceiling shelves in the kitchen filled with wonderful crockery, woodenware and textiles.

Instead of upper cabinets, she has these little shelves chockablocka filled with items she can get to readily.

These might be the 3 wisemen riding on their camels. Not sure though cuz it looks like they're carrying weapons.

Every room feels like one is in a different country. I need to just sit on a cushion and take it all in. Handwoven rugs cover all the floors, overlapping each other, making a myriad of color and texture.

I should have gotten a photo of our meal. One woman is from Iran and brought these delicious delicacies, almondy and sweet. We had lentils with a hint of curry, rice salad, grainy bread, two kinds of wholesome soup, beet puree spread and for dessert 3 kinds of apple delights, baked apples, apple crisp and apple pie. See what I mean?!!!!

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Milly said...

Oh it sounds heavenly! We used to have such meals when I worked at the University and we had students from around the world. But now I work for the County and everyone is from here, so not quite as exciting.