Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Stuff

Great Stuff by Paul is an amazing shop chockablocka full of an eclectic mix of vintage and antique pieces from France, China and England. It's always a fun trip making one's way through the maze of old wooden items, baskets, buckets and benches, birdcages and whatever else Paul has brought in from over the oceans.

Goods are strewn about sometimes in a bit of disarray and sometimes quite orderly. But it's all an artful eyeful and really fun to look about even in this helter skelter way of showcasing.

Baskets are a specialty. Paul has very unusual ones that were actually used for various purposes like egg collecting or seaweed rinsing or rice weighing. And I just use them for storing yarn, how boring! But if I need to rinse some seaweed I know which basket to use!

These would be perfect for carrying a little babe to the fields to plant seeds for spring. I had one similar that I would put Forrest into and take him out to the garden while I toiled away in the soil.

I just loved these red luggage things, decoratively painted in flowers.

and these would be great as end tables.

A mish mash of old Chinese classroom stools. Ann and I sat on one briefly and I couldn't imagine sitting on these hard seats for hours and hours.

My favorite were these red painted wooden buckets.

Birdcages dangled from a pipe near the ceiling.

I can just see a snake slowly coming up out of an urn, being charmed by a snake charmer.

I really wanted to get some of these vintage wooden fold up chairs, one of every color.

I'm glad calculators were invented as I'm not sure I'd be too swift on an abacus.

Old rifle handles

Hay rakes

and in case you need an old rusty lock, there's a bin of 'em!

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