Monday, February 16, 2009

"Cheer up!"

I joined a group of small indie dyers and small cottage crafters that have stores on Jessie at Phat Fiber started the group in January, asking for 20 sample submissions from us that she would compile in a box to be sold one time a month on etsy. Each month will have a different theme, February's being "Romance and Chocolate". The first boxes sold out in just 20 minutes with a long waiting list of folks wanting more. February's box will go on sale tomorrow, February 16. Here is the link if you are interested, Phat Fiber. Jessie did a YouTube video on the blog and I was featured first!

I sent 20 little goodie bags of 30 yards of my Salsa yarn in "Cheer Up" colorway. I also added a bonus fused glass button that matches the yarn.

Lined up for thier turn to be put in the box.

Ready for shipment. Hopefully they will "Cheep Up" some customers!


k8 said...

Will "Cheer up" be coming to the site? I saw some in the box spoiler pics and it looks fabulous...all those colors!

Unknown said...

Yes, I have plenty of it right now. Just have to get it up on the website.