Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Sky Country

We're in Montana visiting our son, Forrest, who is attending University of Montana in Missoula. Houston has a meeting next week in Salt Lake City so we flew there, then drove the 530 miles to Missoula. We'll be driving back to SLC next week, then I'm off to Arizona for a week to visit my mom. As the sun was setting, this massive cloud was changing color.

I like Montana, even though I prefer the softness of the mountains in the east. I lived for many years in Colorado, grew up in South Dakota and now I love the green, mostly lush landscape of the Catoctins, the Blue Ridge and Allegany mountains. The huge skyscapes are something to behold though.

Montana Pride, you bet.

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ginger said...

This is an amazing must have been awesome to watch!!