Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Spring!

I got 7 new chicks the other day. I was out getting groceries and supplies at Southern States and just couldn't resist these cuties. I'm down to just 3 hens so these will fill the coop nicely. (not for awhile though as they need it to be about 90 degrees). Anyway, my husband was home cooking dinner when I got back. I unloaded all the groceries and went out to get the box of chicks. As I was coming in the door I said, "Oh, and I got some chicken too." Then he heard the tiny "cheep, cheep, cheep" and sort of scowled. He never wanted chickens on the farm (what's a farm without chickens?!) but I snuck them in about 20 years ago. Now he doesn't mind so much except that the chicks have to live in the basement for about a month.

Gosh, even their butts are cute!
My son, Garrett, came out over the weekend and we made a little chicken corral, set up a blue backdrop, and he lay there for at least 30 minutes taking about 300 pictures. He narrowed it down to about 5. He loves baby chicks and when he was about five, he accidentally stepped on one in the barn and had a mini-breakdown. He was so traumatized, I had to wrap him in a blanket and put him to bed. Life and death on the farm.

Take time to smell the flowers! Here's a link to a cute chick flick. There's not much of a plot, the scenery is a bit boring, but the cast of characters is adorable. Enjoy!

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