Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Montana

Driving to Montana (from Utah) we just missed the snowstorm that hit the night before. It was a white wonderland though. It's hard to tell the landscape from the skyscape here.

We visited our friends, Beckie and Gary, whose wedding we attended last July. They have a reclaimed timber company, taking down old mills, barns, other buildings and recycling the usable wood. This is their property outside of Missoula where the business is located, along with their little cabin and shop.

There's a ping pong table set up in the shop so we had a mini-tournament.

The furnace looked like a piece of sculpture to me, like a cartoon rocket or something.

It really cranked out the heat too!

There were these cone things around the top and bottom.

Lots of unintentional vignettes around.

Forrest has a new girlfriend who we met while there. This is Kimberly. She's a sweetie. Having three boys, I always bond with their girlfriends (even remaining friends with them when they break up). Kimberly wanted to learn how to make jewelry (score!) so we went to Michael's and bought heaps of materials and tools and spent an afternoon making earrings and a stretchy bracelet. She and Forrest are coming to Maryland in May so we'll continue to the next step of creating bracelets and necklaces using crimp beads.

We had lunch in their cozy cabin, a 10 x 10' structure. We looked out at the cool, rainy day while staying comfy in the heart of the cabin, talking, laughing and reconnecting with family and friends. Good times!

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