Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yarn Party

Last Sunday I was a vendor at the second annual Yarn Party, held in the great room at Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland. The doors opened at noon and a crowd of about 300 swooped in to feel, fondle and hopefully buy hand dyed fiber, hand crafted soaps and paper. Overall I think maybe 500-600 attended. Phew, what a frenzy! My crates of yarn were in such disarray, skeins thrown this way and that.

My tables were mobbed and I was quite busy writing up tickets, so much so, that I didn't notice that many of my knitted samples were missing until there was a lull. When a customer asked if I had anything knit in a particular yarn, I said yes and went to grab my 'Fetching' hand warmers. I looked and looked, but no hand warmers. I also noticed that my hiking socks, 2 neck warmers and a scarf were missing. How can someone do this? Here I am, a small time dyer and business owner and right in front of me, my hand knit items are stolen!!!! I can't tell you how violated I feel. So if anyone sees someone wearing a pair of handwarmers in a deep red, orange color or my retro scarf in Mermaid colorway or my hiking socks in Woodsey, ask them where they got them. Jeez! In spite of this, I still plan to do the Yarn Party again as it was fun and I hate for one jerk to overshadow an otherwise great show.

These are some of my fairy batts that weren't stolen. Very spring like. I'll be doing more of these for the April tour and Sheep and Wool. They have wool, silk, mohair, bamboo, corn, and whatever else I can find laying about the studio.


Maven said...

How horrible folks stole your knit samples!

Perhaps for the next show/expo, you should somehow tie or otherwise secure them to the display table or something.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad to think a knitting "comrad" would steal a hand-knit item - knowing how personal a hand-knit item is...don't let them spoil it for you. Sorry I missed the sale - I didn't even know about it and right in my own backyard...I'll have to keep a look-out for it next year.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the knitting community? Where is the pride of making it yourself? Really ?? stealing someone else's work? I am so sorry.

Well...seems samples will now have to be tied down and bolted to the wall. No more feeling it in your hands. What a shame.

Sara said...

What is wrong with people??

Anonymous said...

Dalis: Some sellers I know use a bicycle wire lock and thread their hand knits and lock around table leg or stand. Can be fondled, but not stolen. It is a sad comment on the erosion of values. Hugs. California Lady