Sunday, July 26, 2009

Log Canoe Race

Last week I went to Chestertown to view the log canoe race. We boarded my friend's party pontoon boat and scooted down the Chester River to the site of the race. I had a vision of a log canoe, maybe a dugout canoe with burly men paddling it in a frenzy. But these log canoes are nothing like that. They are long, sleek and very elegant looking sailboats, made of a log base, hence the name. Young men sit upon long planks that jut out of the base of the boat, keeping the boat upright. It was a perfect day, breezy enough, clear blue sky with no humidity and the most gorgeous, puffy clouds dancing across the sky.

That I got any pictures at all of an actual boat is amazing. I had many that looked like this......

........or this. I don't have the fanciest camera and when I push the button to take the picture, there's a delay of about a week, then it clicks. So I got lots of sky and water shots. Plus it has no view finder and it being the brightest of days, it was hard to see what I was taking a photo of.

This pic is a bit fuzzy but it shows the boys/men on the left hanging out over the water.

And this play craft sported a hairy captain manning the boat.

Here's a boat in action with the members scurrying along the planks. Look how low the person in the back is, nearly submerged in the water.

On the way back, there were many picturesque views along the river. I love these farms that reach right down to the water. We anchored near a nice sandy beach for lunch, near a big party, "Aquapalooza", and could hear the music from the live band playing Talking Heads cover songs.

Back at the Penny's place, this is the view across the street. A huge lotus pond, which is invading the small pond.

and a walk into town to view the old homes in Chestertown. I was taken by this lovely home with all the colors, a nice subject for my next pastel.

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