Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lost River Day

Two of my artist friends, Seal and Macee, and myself drove down to Lost River to take our jewelry to the Lost River Artisan Cooperative .
Housed in the above barn, the artist's wares are on the top floor and a museum with old looms and woodworking things are showcased below. Thedrive through West Virginia on rural backroads was beautiful. A clear summer day, a creek alongside the road, twisty turny roads and sometimes open field s dotted with big red bank barns, made for a pleasant trip. I love the name Lost River. It conjures up images of a misty river, flowing slowly below dark green banks of grasses. The Lost River is also the Cacapon River, at times flowing into an underground channel, thus 'Lost River'.

After leaving our jewelry at the co-op, we walked up the road a bit and had lunch in this old general store turned cafe/artsy boutique. My favorite type of place to eat. We had delicious grainy bread sandwiches and iced tea while sitting in their screened porch overlooking the well manicured lawn and gardens.

Lost River is just 2 hours from DC so many folks have second homes here. The Lost River valley is becoming known for its recreational biking with a big bike race being held the next day.

A stately home between the co-op barn and the cafe.

A sampling of some of the jewelry I have for sale there.

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